2 yr old tonsillectomy and adenoids removed?!

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Hello everyone, my 2yo DD is scheduled for a T&A this coming Thursday. She has had tubes and I know how coming off of the anesthesia will be. I've researched the recovery as much as possible, i think I should be ok on that end as well, at least I know what to expect. What I am at a loss for is the no dairy for 3 days. I have ZERO clue what I am going to do. My DD is still attached to her bottle at night before bed. We were working on kicking it, but it's proven harder than expected and at this point we are kind of out of time. My question is, do any of you fellow moms have a suggestion for those first few days? We tried testing her with Almond milk and she didn't want it AT ALL. We are going to try to keep getting her used to it, but if that doesn't work idk what I'm going to do. I hate to make her recovery even harder because I can't give her a bottle the first 3 days 😢 Thanks in advance for the advice ladies ❤️


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Sarah - posted on 03/13/2017




While the instruction may say no dairy, that is really something to discuss with the surgeon. The main reason for holding dairy, is that it increases the production of mucus. It used to be commonplace to give kids all the ice cream they could eat. Sucking on a bottle may be painful for your child as well. To optimize recovery here a few suggestions; make sure your child is well hydrated before the procedure (clarify when she must stop all oral intake with the surgeon as for babies it is not always midnight the night before), give pain meds as ordered and on time (do not wait until baby is wailing miserably in pain those first days), stock up on soft food (avoid sharp edges, icy cold, or even food she has to chew), drinking is more important than eating (as long as baby is hydrated, she will regain her appetite in a few days/week), If your baby is freaking out for her bottle, make sure it has a fast flow nipple to minimize her work load. If she really must have that milk, try cutting it with warm water, giving her a small serving and follow it with a clear liquid to clear her throat. Jello (even not set), semi-melted popsicles, apple sauce, sherbet are all go to foods. Room temperature apple or grape juice, cut with water (or straight water) are good options for liquids. Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions!

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