22 month old poop smearing

Jade - posted on 02/03/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 22 months old and has had this problem with poop smearing for almost two months now. It was an every once in awhile type of thing when it first began around 20 months but seems to be getting progressively worse the older he's getting (He will be 23 months in two weeks), Usually everyday sometimes twice a day. He does it when he's unattended for a any length of time in his room. Whether it be 2 minutes or 20. He smears poo all over himself, his bed, his walls, his tv, toys, books, and normally even the creases of the light switch are filled with poo (he stands on he bed to reach). One of our latest incidents took 2 entire hours to clean. Not only is it gross but it's unhealthy , and.very time consuming. I've read several forums and have tried everything. Cold showers were seem cruel but most parents only had to do it twice. After our third cold shower we gave up and decided to try a new approach. Ive talked to him calmly , "poo is yucky and can make you really sick, we don't touch our poo" , I've done sleepers but if he gets out of my sight for even a minute during the day we still have an incident, he can't always where a sleeper! I was told by several that it could be about new or unfamiliar texture, or a sign of potty training readiness. Neither have seemed to be the case. He's not too fond of playdoh or paint and will pee in the potty on occasion but has only gone poo in it once. Even that once he stood up , looked in and grabbed the poo out. I finally informed his pediatrician who seemed concerned but says its not necessarily normal but not completely uncommon. However, he did advise me to spank him when he has an incident. Nothing is working. I feel like we're moving backwards instead of forward. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


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Christina - posted on 02/05/2013




Lol....its a phase....my oldest daughter, now 16, went through it at about the same age....after she did it multiple times i made her help clean it....that ended the problem right then and there for me

Gigi - posted on 02/05/2013




I can't believe your doctor told you to spank your son! Hardly an medical advice and I am surprised that doctors are even allowed to suggest something like that.

I was wondering how come your son has opportunity to get into his poop every day. Does he poop more than once a day? Does he always poop while in his crib? You mentioned that if he gets out of your sight for even short period of day he gets into his poop. Then you might have a solution there - just observe him very closely for signs of pooping and when he does, change him immediately. After that let him see you putting the poop into the toilet and he can flush. That way he sees where it goes and flushing gives him something else to do.

Cecilia - posted on 02/04/2013




My daughter did this too. I would wash her off in a warm tub. Have her sit in the room as i cleaned it up. She always did it in her crib, so it was at least in a confined area.

What did i do to stop her? nothing. She out grew it. I did not punish or yell at her. They are babies and do not understand. With that age group, they get bored of things after it's been done so many times. Drawing attention to it is probably why he isn't bored with it yet. Simply clean the mess and move on with your day.

As far as your sons doctor telling you to smack your child, i would report him. Sorry but telling someone to use corporal punishment on a child that they should KNOW can't understand, is unethical.

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