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Elizabeth - posted on 09/18/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I always thought I wanted a big family. I have always loved children. I knew I was meant to be a mother and wanted it more than anything. My daughter is now 2.5 and she is my everything! Now my husband is ready for number two and for some reason I am not sure if I am. In fact I'm not sure that I want anymore. I didn't have a hard pregnancy and my daughter was a pretty easy baby and I love being a mommy. But I just don't have that desire to have another one like I did when I was trying for my first. I know I would love the second but as horrible as it sounds I just cant imagine how its possible I could love it the way I love my daughter. Has anyone else experienced this. How do you know when you are ready for another baby? Or do you think I sound like I am done?


Diana - posted on 09/21/2013




Once u have one baby it is hard to believe you could love another one just as much but trust me as a a mother of four i can tell you you do also if your not sure you want another child just guve it some time it is hard to take care of two little ones at the same time and its hard to give either one a lot of attention like you can when you only have one

Janessa - posted on 09/21/2013




I know I am ready for another baby and my husband is as well. Sometimes I have moments of concern about how can I love someone as much as I love my son. Can my heart really make anymore room. Everyone who I know who has multiple kids said that thought went threw their head before having anymore, but once they had them the concern went away. Is that concern your only reason for not wanting anymore? I think with the first baby it's always a different experience than with other children down the road from what I am told. It's just it's your first and your super eager and it's all new. But honestly until you feel ready you probably need to wait!

Jen - posted on 09/20/2013




Maybe you should wait until your daughter is older. Unless you are 40 or approaching 40, I don't see the rush. Tell your husband that you want to wait, focus your attention on your daughter and give yourself another 6 months to a year and see if you don't feel any differently.
That said, my good friend had a second baby three years after her first, and she wasn't sure if she wanted another either, but her husband really did. Now she is glad that she had a second, and her two boys are (so far) great pals and she is happy that they have each other. I have never asked her if she loves the second as much as she loves the first, but I think what happens is that you love your children *differently*, not more or less, but they are all individuals and you love different things about each of them.
Personally, I want two children too, but I am planning on waiting until my son is older, like 5, before having a second. That way, I can lavish all my love and attention on my little guy during his early years, and then when I have a second baby, it will be fresh and new and exciting again! :)

Ana - posted on 09/18/2013




Elizabeth I feel the exact same way and my daughter is 4. I never really wanted kids but my daughter is my world, my heart literally beats for her. I know what you mean by not knowing if you would love your 2nd child as much as the one you have one. I feel that my daughtrr fills my heart and there is just no room for anyone else lol.


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Elizabeth - posted on 09/22/2013




Thanks everyone. I have told my husband I just want to wait a little while longer. I do think i would like one more eventually. I know that I will love another baby as much as my daughter, it is just hard to imagine .I think for me it would be better to wait for another year or so.

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