3 Day Potty Training

Shana - posted on 01/22/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am on day 4 of this 3 Day potty training system by Lora Jensen and would like to get some feedback from other moms that have taken longer than 3 days. I am confident that eventually my 22 month old daughter will get it, but I feel that maybe I need to try some other tactics. She is having up to 11 accidents a day but is wet-free during the nights and naptime. The helpdesk takes 24 hours to get a response. So I am looking to talk with moms who have faith in this system and can offer some other suggestions on how to get my daughter to recognize she needs to go. She is peeing in her panties everytime and I can repeat in my sleep for her to tell me when she has to go. I am soooo tempted to say No, No when she pees because she understands No. She doesn't quite understand "Tell me when you have to go. Please help anyone!


Sarah - posted on 01/23/2014




My advise is to stop and wait a little bit longer. I watch a little girl that her parents did the 3 day thing when she was 22 months old and she is now 4 yrs old and is still peeing her pants. It was just too soon. My youngest is 2 1/2 yrs and I just followed her lead. We had the little potty out all the time since I do day care. So when she was around 19 to 20 months old she would start to sit on it with clothes on when I would go. Then probably around 25 to 26 months old she would want to wipe...usually with clothes on. She was learning what it was all about. Potty training is not so much training but teaching. Just like walking, talking, reading. You can't jump to the end without learning the basics first. I feel that those 3 day or 5 day train your child things jump to the end without teaching the child the basics and allowing them to show you what they are ready for. As my daughter became more interested in the potty we then followed her lead. She would sometimes want her clothes off to sit on the potty when I would go....sometimes she would go and sometimes not. No big deal....we celebrated the times she did. As time went on she started to learn her body and what things meant. She started to recognize that when she toots that maybe that means she has to poop....so she would go and try. Then a few months after that she started to recognize the peeing part. She is just now a little over 2 1/2 yrs old and we are accident free during the day wearing underwear. Night time I don't worry about yet. She is still in her crib, so that makes it hard for her to go if she would need to at night. There are some nights she is completely dry and others just a little wet. I am not worried as she will get it when she is ready. I have two older kids that I did things with differently and it was a much harder and longer process. I wish I would have looked and done things differently with them. This time around has been the easiest and even enjoyable process.


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