3 yr old in time out every day since school started 4 days ago!

Vhominick - posted on 08/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My granddaughter who will turn 4 in the middle of Sept started Jr K 4 days ago. Jr K is for 4 & 5 y/os but when given the Kindergarten test (to take a summer class) she got a 96.6% so the teachers felt like she was too far advanced to be in Pre School or Pre K. She has been in the time out chair every day since school started! Primarily her difficulty is lack of personal boundaries but also being bossy and today she threw a toy at one of her classmates head. I'm afraid the teachers AND students are going to label her a trouble maker. How do we teach her boundaries? Of course we have done the basics around personal "bubble", not touching other kids etc. A lot of the times she is trying to hug another kid not trying to hit them. As an only child, who is abundantly loved by her mother and her grandparents great grandparents and lots of other family members, she is the center of our lives and gets lots and lots of hugs and kisses from us. What do we do??


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I would do some role playing and some play dates. Work on teaching her how to ask first. Ask if the other person wants a hug. And also teach her how to respond if someone says "no"......Also with the bossiness teach her how to ask the other person...right now she assumes everyone wants to do what she wants to do or what she wants them to do. Try to get her to think about the other person and their feelings and interests. A lot of this is just going to take time and maybe lots of time outs. I personally hold back on the "princess" stuff also. I don't mind the shows (Cinderella, Sofia, etc.). It is more the calling her princess and stuff that way. That sends across the mindset that she is above others her age (even though this may not be what is meant). I would also mirror the behavior you are wanting her to express. So instead of just giving her a hug....ask for a hug first. When she has lack of personal space at home draw attention to that and correct that.

Another thing to look at and consider is if she is socially ready for the 4/5 yr old class. Sometimes academically they are ready, but their social skills are not thus needing them to be in the younger class to learn those. She might be able to stay in this class and be fine.....just something to consider as grade levels are not just about academics. To be successful in life your child needs to learn academically, socially, and even maturity wise.

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