3rd baby worries

SB - posted on 08/19/2013 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and cant stop worrying about it. I have a ten year old daughter and a 3 year old son and I am worried about how it will affect them. I am completely against abortion but for those of you who have 3 children; how did your first two react? Did they accept new baby? Do you feel like they were sometimes pushed aside or do you find it easy to split your time between three of them??


Chet - posted on 08/24/2013




We have four kids. We never had jealousy issues or difficulty with kids not accepting the new baby. I agree that it gets easier with more kids. The kids help each, and play together, and keep each other company. You need to stop thinking about it as splitting your time between kids though. Of course, one on one time is special and important, but you're not a pie to divide... you're a family that should work together. Don't tell your three year old "I can't do that now, I'm busy with the baby." Ask him to "help" you with the baby. I often made nursing a special time with the older children by reading while I fed the baby. Remember, you don't divide your love. You multiply it.

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Well I just had my 5th, and they are all pretty close together, to make sure they all feel loved I follow some simple rules, pray for inspiration to know how to do that, help them to feel involved with the new baby, don't ever push them away even if the new baby is crying, my husband and I take our kids out on individual dates. I especially give extra attention to the youngest before the new baby, because they are new to the whole not being the new baby anymore. My little 2 year old loves loves loves her baby sister, and will not let anyone else hold her. It takes work but it can be done especially with divine help. Good-luck, you'll be great

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My guess is that your daughter is going to LOVE it. It is a real live doll that she can dress up, feed, hold, and maybe even change diapers. For many girls that is the dream. There might be times where she gets frustrated. All of that is normal and some of that is good. Having siblings helps kids learn how to get along with others, how to be patient, and how to work together. Your son may have a bit more of an adjustment then your daughter just because of his age. 3 yr olds are a handful and at that age in their minds everything should revolve around them. As the baby gets older he will enjoy a playmate that is close to his age. My first two are 3 yrs apart. They played VERY well together when they were little.....they are now 15 and 12 yrs old. They are still close, but also enjoy picking at each other.....normal sibling stuff :) There are always adjustments when you add another child, but that child can bring lots of joy and blessings. Just give everyone time to adjust. Keep one-on-one time with your older two and enjoy watching your kids develop their relationships with each other. PS: Mine are 15 yrs, 12 yrs, and 2 yrs, The older two ADORE their younger sister and still fight over who gets to hold/watch her.


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We just had our 3rd three months ago! We also have a 4 year old daughter and just about 3 year old son! It did take a bit of adjusting but that's normal and expecting. They are both completely in love with their new brother tho...sometimes too much. He doesn't need to breath right?! Lol. And my daughter is such a great helper. She even likes to tell me what he needs sometime and that I'm doing it wrong haha. It is a bit crazier, I won't lie, but it is absolutely fun at the same time! Knowing my kids have now 2 siblings they can count on for life makes me so happy! And watching how much the baby already lights up when he sees his sister and brother is just too special :)

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Try to get them excited about the new baby but do not make it their job to take care of the baby unless they WANT to or they will begin to resent the baby. The younger one a lot of time will take it harder seeing mom in the hospital after baby is born because they perceive mom as being sick or hurt and can become upset by this part of it. Get them involved with being the BIG sister or brother and how they are going to be such big a help to mom and how they can help change baby, feed baby, check on baby, and entertaining baby while mom is busy.

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Although it´s hard to believe, it get´s easier with three. and with four....one because you are more and more familiar with childrearing and two because the more the merrier. Children love company, and the more play buddies they have the happier they get, and the more time they leave you to yourself to get things done! :-)

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I was surprised- my 10yo handled it worse than the 18mth old.. When she wants something now, though, she'll go out of her way to be a help.. for a little while lol.
I am a stay at home/ mum and farmer and it gets hectic at night times as our naughty young man (now 2.5yo) causes chaos. The 4yo daughter follows suit, but understands the naughty chair/ bed system and is less likely to be naughty for a sustained period of time..
My husband is nowhere to be found until they go to sleep so I find trying to adhere to a routine is the hardest part. If I hadn't been so sick in the last trimester, I would have been cementing that routine quick smart.
Throw in some year 8 algebra to assist with and any routine I do try stick to goes out the window!

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