3yr old with severe stomach pain only at night

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Please help! My 3yr old son wakes up screaming 3-4 times a night with severe stomach pain. This has been going on since birth. I just don't understand why he seems fine during the day, but is up at night screaming. He is inconsolable. He's so exhausted and all he wants to do is sleep, but he will jerk as if it's a sharp gas pain then starts screaming and will pass gas here and there. Gas medicine does not work.

We've been to doctors and specialists but all the testing comes up negative or normal. We kept hoping that he will "grow out of it", or that as he got a bit older, we'd be able to know more about what exactly he's feeling, but that's not the case. It has been going on for too long and I keep hitting dead ends. The doctors do not care to help and after they do the routine testing and all comes back normal, they are not interested in investigating any further.

If anyone can help, or has any suggestions, we would reeeeally appreciate some input. Thanks for your time!


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have they tested for a parasite called giardia? It is usually active at night and cause nausea/vomiting/diarrhea... not to mention horrible pain. It eats the stomach lining so the gastric juices can start eating away at the living tissue, while during the day the parasite sleeps and the body repairs itself. If you have a dog or have been around stagnant water, it is a possibility.

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My son has the same issues since birth (now 18 months) and we are up with him at least 5 nights a weeks. He has been diagnosed with GERD and gastritis but no medicines seem to help the pains he has at night. I'm frustrated and just want my son to feel better.. It breaks my heart to see him in so much pain. Any updates on your son?

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Yes. We have tried allergy doctors as well. I have also tried massaging but he is so upset that he wont really let me do it. We've tried the acid reflux medication with no change. One other symptom is he will randomly vomit. There is no common foods that trigger this... Very frustrating!

Ashley - posted on 05/04/2011




My friend went through this. Her daughter had acid reflux at night when she laid down. Try one one of those doctors!

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Have you tried allergy testing? Does he have a drink of milk before bed? You might want to try goat milk instead of cow milk as dairy allergies can cause symptoms like these in children who are allergic to milk.

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I have not tried the Mayo Clinic... I have heard of them, but I was not aware of what or who they really were until just recently. Thanks for the advice! I will certainly look into them further.

Constance - posted on 04/30/2011




Have you looked into places like the Mayo Clinic and the really big children's hospitals I amm not feeling well tonight but I will look up a few of them but I just can't remember them tonight. I know it normally takes a couple of monthes to get him in but they normally will admitt him for a week or two bbut they will do all his testing and they won't quit until they find an answer. They never will make you feel like your son isn't important. i am so sorry that he hurts so much. My heart breaks for him. I will have the other names tomorrow. Also their is a web site www.madisonfoundation.com they mainly povide support through matching up families that have children with same diagnoses. But they also give links to the best specialist in the country. I hope this will help some.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/30/2011




Have you tried massaging his tummy? not just rubbing it but something similar to the "I love you " massage.

Is his stomach bloated or hard? any other symptoms?

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