3yr social skills issues

Jennamahanay - posted on 06/19/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3yr old daughter is somewhat passive in social situations with neighborhood friends. All of which are either in preschool or daycare and have more advanced skills. Because of her passivity and eagerness to play with friends, she often is the one getting bossed around or intentionally left out. She's old enough now that it is hurting her feelings when it happens. How can I help her assert herself in these situations and not just shrivel up and take it?


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Sofia - posted on 07/08/2016




Find her friends her own age and find her friends she likes. Don't make her be friends with kids who aren't good for her. Worse thing for a parent to do is make children be friends with others

Sapana - posted on 06/23/2016




I have had similar situation with my elder son. He was very innocent, always in sharing mood and he was not surrounded with like minded kids.

I tried to teach him things to stay in group and mingle. but no matter how i tried he could not. Things changed when he started going to school. He found 2 good friends, with them he learnt more social skills. Now he is totally fine. He can handle bullies also.

IF you are talking about your first child then usually its the mother who is more concerned. As first child gets too much attention he/she learns to be on own when left to handle her/himself like in school.

I would also like to tell you one thing, try not to teach her too much. More you teach them, more they stay dependent on you and less social. Let her fall in various situations and let her handle it on her own. Hope things change soon and your child enjoys social life more.

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