4 year old and Kindergarten

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My son is currently 4 years old. He will turn 5 in November. In our state legislation is still pending, but as of now dec 31st is the cut off to send your child to kindergarten. So I had every intention to send him in September...last week my husband and I went to a parent kindergarten orientation. After hearing some comments, we after asked a teacher what their thoughts were on our 4 year old starting in fall. Well excited was not his response at all! He seemed to not like the idea said there were a lot of factors.
My son is intellectually ready, socially ready, the only thing that now concerns me is he WILL be the youngest in his entire class. He is a small but strong 4 year old boy, going up against 5-7 year olds.
What do you recommend...cause now I'm nervous?!


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I've been there. My son was born in November, our cut off is Dec 1st, and we sent him at 4. He's in 6th grade now. We don't regret our decision a bit. His preschool teacher said he wasn't socially ready, but we disagreed and he was fine. We sent him with the understanding that if kindergarten ended up really being a struggle for him, we were prepared to have him repeat it. He didn't need to.

All that said, I have to tell you that I'm in the minority. Most parents will NOT send boys that young to kindergarten. Their reasons are varied, and imo, a lot of them are silly. Reasons range from feeling their children are truly not academically or socially ready, being concerned that they won't be big enough to play sports, and just plain not wanting their kid to be the youngest.

Bottom line, your son is YOUR son. Do what you believe is best for him and for your family. I would not worry about the opinion of a teacher who hasn't even met your son just because he/she has a preconceived idea about the general readiness of 4 year old boys. The most important thing, imo, is that whatever you decide, you shouldn't look back. Once the decision is made, don't blame every school issue on the fact that you sent him too young, or you waited too long. All kids have issues in school at one time or another. Most likely, they have nothing at all to do with which year he started school.

Liz - posted on 02/15/2013




Well in my opinion, you know your son better than anyone else. The teacher is probably concerned because he has seen far too many children begin school before they were ready, and probably thinks your son fits in that category. If you are sure he's ready (and of course you still have several more months to prepare him and yourself!) then go for it. I have a friend with a son who was 5 at the beginning of the last school year, but because he wasn't 5 by December 31, he had to re-take kindergarten. I would definitely ask about that before making a final decision. Good luck!

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