4 Year old son does not want to go to school

Adrean - posted on 11/20/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




What can I do to get my 4 year old son to go to school in the mornings? As I have to yell, to get him out of bed, even at time's give a spank (Which piss me off more as I do not like spanking my child) struggle to dress as he cries and through tantrums like he would pee in his pants and I have to re-dress him. When I ask him why he does not want to go are the other children or teachers nasty to him he says no. Is he just naughty, spoiled or is something wrong


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Ana - posted on 11/24/2013




Make it more fun.

For example:

Wake him up in the morning with a kiss and walk him to the potty and sit him on it. No talking. He will be caught off gurard and wonder why you are being so nice...lol..

Then after potty and teeth brushing and things, walk him back in his room and YOU dress him, no talking. If he talks, tell him to hush or shhhh...once he is dressed it's all over.

Feed him and then talk to him.

Give yourself a time limit when getting him ready in the morning..

Say 15mins..pee, teeth, clothes, etc..

It sounds like he WANTS to fight with you because it gets to you.

Don't give him anything to fight over.

Do this for a week, every morn for 15 mins and he should start to relax...

My daughter is 3.5 and she loves to see me roar.. so what ever she wants to see me get all bent out of shape about I just turn it around her and do it my way, and then she's bored with trying....

God Bless.

User - posted on 11/23/2013




does he go to bed at a good time ??? im think he might not be having a good nights rest and is a bad morning person there out thiere,, and hoave you seen about putting him in an afternoon class i would think he's not really in school rather a preschool cause school is kindergarten and maybe 4 is to early for him i see a lot of parents that put there kids in preschool when they r to young just a thought i have two kids and i saw with my son that age 5 was a better age to do so

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