4 year old with rash.

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Hi. I am hoping someone on here can lend some advice, I am at the end of my rope & could use some support.
My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Pityriasis rosea at the end of August. we are managing it well. On Sept 9th she started pre school, she went to school for 2 weeks & she got a cold. we figured it was the typical cold, kids are germy & she would fight it off. She did. sent her back to school, she went 2 days & it was back & it was bad, took her to the doctor, Doctor told me it was just a bad cold, keep her home for a few days & send her back to school, give her OTC cold medication, well in a few days she was no better, & now she had a rash on her private & part of her bum, took her back to the doctor, this time we saw a different doctor, he said she has bacterial infection, did a swab of the rash, said it could be pin worms, anal strep, or a fungal infection, so now I am freaking out, Anal strep that has to do with someone abused my daughter! did the pin worm test, it was negative & the doctor said it is fungal, put lotromin on it. he wrote an RX for medication, but that was doing nothing & now my daughter had discharge when I helped her clean herself & saw it in her underwear, took her another doctor, a female doctor & she confirmed with another female doctor its yeast, she still has the cold too. She gives me a steroid cream & antibiotics, it was cleared up in 3 days, we were so excited, we finished the meds & thought this issue was over, then 2 weeks after, we go to an awards dinner & she was a dancing queen, had a blast, the happiest kid! we were all sleeping & at 3am she woke up crying, she was in pain, her bits her (private area) she had to pee, we went to the bathroom & she peed, then she kept pulling at her pj's, telling me it itches, I take a look & I see nothing, she says she has to pee & a tiny bit comes out, this went on till about 6:45am & that was the last time she peed & I saw blood on the wipe, she slept from 7-11:00am & I woke her up & took her to the doctor, I asked the doctor, why is this happening? we get a few weeks of her being fine & then it comes back, (no rash at this point its still gone) the doctor tells me, well, it could be because she was itching there, or she has to poop & its pushing on her bladder? but she is going to the bathroom, She gave us another medication & it was cleared up in a few days, I have kept her on a good probiotic & vitamins. Now in the last 2 days, I noticed, the rash is back. we went 2 weeks of no rash, she caught a cold from her cousin & tonight when we washed up for bed, the rash is back. She wont tell me if it hurts or itches, because she doesn't want to go to the doctor, she doesn't want me to put the cream on her there, She is also mad because she can not take baths, if she does, the rash is back, I only wash her in cetaphil, I changed all my detergents in August, even ripped out the rugs & put wood floors in, I steam clean everything. I am considering taking her to a children's hospital? what gets me is when I asked the doctor if we should do blood work & sonogram of her kidneys & bladder, she said No. tomorrow, I am taking another urine sample to the doctor & I am going to insist on them doing blood work. the last time, the doctor made me feel like a horrible mom, just before I found this group, I cried in the bathroom. I can not figure this out.


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Mom, be at peace. You will need your energy to help your daughter. You are a great mom, I commend you for your efforts with your daughters condition, what ever it may or may not be.

Ok, I suggest that you look into stress and her diagnosed condition to see if there is a connection.

I was diagnosed with the "P" as well, and I have only had 1 flare up and it was because of extreme stress is all I can connect it to when it happened.

I can tell you it feels like you just got out of a pool and your skin feels very dry, and nothing you put on it makes the dryness go away, it just looks like it did.

I broke out all over my trunk, Looked like I had chickenpoks. I tried everything, nothing worked, I had to be patient I had to breathe, I had to practice mind control to not freak out and not to scratch it. Some creams do soothe, and im sure you have tried them.

Try looking on youtube to see if others can tell you of more symptoms that maybe your daughter wont at this time so that you can help her more.

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