4 yr old screaming fits

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My 4 yr old daughter has been having these horrible screaming fits whenever she is told to do something she does not want to do. She will scream for hours and hours if we let her. I am losing my mind with trying to get her to stop. She wakes up her 1 yr old sister from naps or bed time with screaming. I have tried taking away things she likes, time out etc, and nothing phases her. I am at the end of my rope! Please someone suggest something that might work! Thanks


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my daughter is CURRENTLY having a screaming / crying fit as I search google for what the deal is!! She has been doing this for a quite some time and she'll even do it in the middle of the night if I don't come in to see what she needs. My husband will sometimes try to get up with her and when that happens, she SCREAMS for me. It is the most frustrating thing. She is definitely over tired right now but anything can set her off. I cannot wait for this phase to end but I really don't know how to make it easier for all of us!

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Welcome to having a four year old. My daughter does the same thing, and has done the same thing for the past six months or so and she is only 3. It is simply a phase you must endure. However, the ONLY thing that works with my daughter is hot sauce. Before she is sent to time out, she is warned that if she throws a tantrum she will receive hot sauce in her mouth. Before that I tried throwing away toys, taking away toys, she literally went one week without any toys, and if anything that made it worse instead of better because she was now bored. She use to wake up her 1 yr old brother from naps all the time also, so now I incorporated "quiet time" for her, since she no longer naps. Whenever her brother is napping she has to go to her room and read books and "rest" while her brother is sleeping. (He takes one hour and a half long nap a day), it works like a charmer to insure no possible tantrums to wake up the sleeping baby, and it gives mommy her quiet time, too.

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The more I spoke or the more I tried to interact with him the more my son screamed. My mom would tell me, "Don't add fuel to the fire. You have to ignore him." Ignoring him was the only thing that worked. You just have to be consistent and patient.

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It is very frustrating and I fully understand how you feel! My 4 yr old was (and still does sometimes ) the same thing and the more time outs I gave him the more he screams! I have been perservering however.

One tantrum he threw I ignored him totally and he gave up after about 5 minutes! Another time it only lasted 2 minutes! You could try (so long as she is safe ) take the other child into a different part of the house perhaps.

It is a lot easier now. He will stop and think and will calm down and talk to me about what is bothering him instead of getting wound up!
Good luck x

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