4 yr old won't eat solids

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My 4 yr is daughter still eats baby food!!!! I offer her different stuff she won't even try it.She will eat chicken nuggets and pizza and crackers and fruit loops but that is all never has she tried spagetti or pasta and anything no bread .She gags on mashed potatoes . And will only drink milk no juice and she will not even eat gummies and nothing ..any suggestions on getting her to eat other things it gets so frustrating ...thanks


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Kristina - posted on 09/12/2016




I am with Michelle on this one. I would stop buying the things she wants and make her sit and eat what you make. Eventually she is going to be hungry enough and eat. Other than medical reasons there isn't a reason she should still be consuming baby food as a primary diet. I would have taken her in to a doctor a long time ago and put a stop to her being so picky. I know it sounds harsh but I mean if there isn't a problem with her then put your foot down mommy!

Michelle - posted on 09/11/2016




Why have you let it go on so long?
Have you been to the doctor to rule out a medical reason?
If so then you have to not give in, she gets her own way and has for years. She has learned how to get what she wants so will continue to "gag" if you try and give her something she doesn't want.
You now have a battle and what I suggest is don't even buy the things she wants. You make the meals and she will eat them. If she doesn't eat it then it gets put aside for her to have at the next meal.
It will be a battle of wills and you need to make sure you don't give in first.

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