4yr old with sleeping issues

Karren - posted on 10/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 4 yr old who who kicks and screams when its time to go to bed at night. Once she has calmed down she usually sleeps for and hour or two at the most before shes up again using all the excuses in the world not to go back to bed. She has not mentioned and monsters in her room nor have we in fear of putting ideas in her head! She just says she does not like her bed. she will wait until we have gone to bed for the night, then shes up again trying to get into our bed. This routine usually happens until about 4am...when we are both knackered and give in and let her sleep in our bed or I usually sleep in her bed with her! HELP ideas needed we are both worn out and in need of a good nite sleep


Hayley - posted on 10/29/2009




Our 3yr old daughter has been a difficult sleeper! A few weeks ago things got beyond a joke, coming into our bed at all hours of the night and screaming and performing when we put her back. Some things i have found that worked for us..Bribery. think of something she really loves.. in our case lollipops.. when you are putting her to bed explain that if she is a good girl she can have a lollipop tomorrow, or use a reward chart, we use a sticker chart on a colourul paper draw a big happy face, This is your special chart for sleeping in your bed all night, if you sleep in your bed alll night, you can put a special sticker on your chart in the morning. This works for us. Another thing our daughter is obsessed with fairies & tinkerbell and loves dressing up and fluttering around the room LOL I told her if she sleeps all night in her bed she will start to grow special fairy wings and she can be a fairy! haha also What worked for us is to make an imaginary thing up (in her case faires again!) as we are taking her to bed say shhhhh shhh listen, can you hear the fairies? they are watching you in your room and looking after you, and we have funny imaganiry conversations with the fairies. This sounds crazy but it truely works for us! good luck


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Kristin - posted on 11/01/2009




My girls are 16 months appart and my husband travels most of the time. So I am more or less a single mom. I didn't want to be up all night with the kids or have them in my room. So when my oldest was about 1 /2 we put a christmas lights on her window with a timer and told her she was not allowed out of her room until the lights went out. It worked really well. At nap time I tell them she can't leave her room until the music stops. You have to find a CD that is an hour or so long. It worked wonders. My kids are now 4 and 3 and I still do this and it works. If they wake us up...the do not to get to watch TV during their normal TV time. It works for us!

Mellissa - posted on 10/29/2009




you could give her a bath at night then read to her and then tell her its time for bed.we are just getting our two year old to sleep in her own bed,before she was sleeping with us.if that don't work try putting a gate up,so she can't get out of her room and eventually she will get tired and sleep.

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