5 lies you should tell your kids

Katherine - posted on 07/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Santa DOES exist. Every kid should believe St. Nick, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and every other wonderful, magical creature that does nice things for them is real. Soon enough they'll be smacked with the fact that very few people do anything nice for free.
It doesn't matter if you win or lose. This is about teamwork and good sportsmanship. Of course it's bull crap but they don't need to know that until after high school. As adults, it's all about winning -- winning that promotion, winning that eBay auction, and so on.
There are no such things as monsters. Fact of the matter is, they do exist. They are just of the Jerry Sandusky variety rather than Freddy Krueger.
Honesty is the best policity. Oh the irony. While this old adage is true, we grown-ups know it's not possible to be truthful all the time. Kids shouldn't lie but we have to. Are you really going to tell your boss he's incompetent or a party host that her dinner was disgusting?
Love is more important than money. Well, love doesn't pay the rent and you definitely can't eat it. So while love should be more important than money, the almighty dollar is just as key to survival. But kids don't need to know that until college!

Do you believe in telling kids little white lies? What fibs have you told your child?


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Louise - posted on 07/15/2012




We have always made a big thing of Christmas and even though there is only my daughter who is still young enough to believe, we all keep the christmas magic alive.

I have always told my kids that it is wrong to lie unless the truth is going to hurt someones feelings! Sometimes to much honesty can do a lot of harm! I have come unstuck in some situations though, if my daughter goes shopping with me and has seen me buy or wrap somebodies present, she will tell them what it is before they get to open it and tell them how much it cost and where it came from!!!

I have told the odd porky now and again to stop awkward questions I simply don't know the answer to or cant be bothered to anwer. My daughter asked why the glass table gets covered in dust every day and I told her the "dust monster, comes to visit and leaves a trail behind" now she points out in other peoples house that the dust monster has visited them too! Ooops!

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