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When do toddlers start saying their ABC's and knowing numbers? My son will be 2 years old next month (feb 4th). I'm a stay at home first time mom and not quite sure if there is a correct order on the things he is supposed to learn. I am in no way trying to rush or push all of this on to him, just want to know if he is on track. He does know his colors though and knows when to say to pease, thank you and you're welcome without being prompted and at the correct times. Just curious about ABC's and numbers. Any advice or even fun ways to teach him would be greatly appreciated!


Sarah - posted on 01/03/2015




There is no certain way or correct way of teaching. Some kids learn their ABC'S at 2 yrs others at 4 yrs. Just depends on how their brains work. You can start teaching ABC'S and numbers now. Just make it fun. Sing the ABC's. Count as you go up and down stairs or as you do things. Talk about what words start with certain letters. There are lots of awesome toys that work on letters and numbers also. I really like the Leapster brand toys. All my kids loved playing with those toys.


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Nancy - posted on 01/06/2015




Every one learns at their own speed. Do not worry. He may surprise you sometimes kids don't do things because we want them to. Play educational games songs even videos.

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