Activities for a long car trip.

Ashley - posted on 06/08/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




We are taking our 21 month old on a long car trip. We plan on stopping every 2 hours for a snack and running around. And we have some ideas of what to bring, but after some thought they may be too messy or bulky. Does anyone have any car trip items that will work?


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April - posted on 06/10/2009




Sarah, WOW! you're ideas are awesome! The Magnets and Cookies sheet idea is very smart. It reminds me of something my mother in law gave my son, it is a tin case that kind of looks like a book and when you open it, it has a farm scene with farm animal magnets. We bring this with us to restaurants too. The photo album is a good idea too.

We use a sing a long CD too.

Kandace - posted on 06/10/2009




We moved about 3 months ago from WI to CA and I used portable dvd player a lot!!! my son loves movies though. Also loves to color and listen to his music. He was about 19 months when we moved. I am not very crafty but that worked for him..

Adf0905 - posted on 06/10/2009




Portable DVD player! I drive from Maryland to North Carolina (and vice versa) pretty frequently, but I do it by myself (well, besides my daughter and our dog) so I can't give her a whole lot of toys, because I can't go fishing around for them when she drops them and I have no one to help me! So she watches movies when she's awake. Normally she naps on and off, and I'll put on a Bunnytown DVD for her when she's awake. I never hear a peep out of her unless she's hungry!

Kellie - posted on 06/10/2009




wow sara you are 1 crafty mom, i like the cookie sheet and magnet idea i will have to try that!!! :o)

Jennifer - posted on 06/09/2009




We love the Crayola Color Wonder Markers, they only work on the Color Wonder paper so very unmessy! Also a portable DVD player was a great treat for our son. He refused to nap in the car and so a movie helped him with some down time. We also bought a lap tray that was great. He could snack on it and play on it. We've done long car rides (10 hrs) since he was 8m old. They arn't always east, but the destination is worth it!

Sara - posted on 06/09/2009




*small plastic photo album with pics of her & family/friends/favorite toys/pets. I print coloring pages from the internet at 60% of full size and they fit in the album for my girls to color.
*get a cube of green "florist foam" and cut straws into thirds. My toddlers spent at least an hour of the last trip poking the straws into the foam. a little messy (the foam flakes off), but worth it!
*bubble wrap-fun to pop the bubbles/makes a great noise
*magnets and a small cookie sheet
*stickers and paper!
Hope this helps! Good luck!

Kellie - posted on 06/09/2009




Our daughter is 2 and loves her magna doodle and etcha sketch.... along with color books and crayons.... :o)

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