Activity ideas for an active 1 year old

Roz - posted on 10/03/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




The winter is approaching which means that we are going to be inside quite a bit of the time :-( and for an outdoor loving, toddling one year old girl is going to be a frustrating time. Any home based ideas to keep a little monkey entertained gratefully appreciated!

PS. I've bought a waterproof all in one and wellies for her just in case times are desperate and a soggy trip to the park or a walk is called for!


Heather - posted on 10/15/2010




Getting them outside even if just for a little while even if it is cold is def important. some activities we do are color baths (fill up the tub and put a little food coloring in it to make it a fun color), letting kids play in the sink, we let them ride bikes in the basement, we make obsticle courses around the house where we jump over pillows and crawl under tables, i get kids naked and get big paper and let them paint or draw all over it. We get washable markers and let them decorate eachtoerh adn mommy then take a colorful shower after, we go to open gym at the YMCA and we have a couple other community places that have open gym in winter to let kids run and play, we go to story hr at library and barnes and noble, we have memebrships to zoo and childrens museums so we cna go to a whole bunch of diff museums, aquariums and zoos for no additrional fee on days we need outings (we get the memberships from grandparemts for christmsas), we go on hunts and try to find diff things arouns the house, we do simple craft projects, we cook together. I hope something there helps...good luck


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Kaily Jule - posted on 01/11/2015




So cool Tarryn! I tried it with my 1 year old son. He is active but he loves cars so he was entertained

Renee - posted on 10/15/2010




I just thought of a few more things that I do to keep my daughter busy. One is that I keep a big cupboard for her in the kitchen, it's the only door that isn't childproofed and I switch things up every week or so, so that there's 'new' things in there - one week it'll be all my plastic containers, bowls, etc and another it'll be all the baking sheets, cake pans, etc... She loves it. The other thing is that she comes in the shower with me. It's part of our routine now, so we get up, have breakfast, have a bit of playtime, and then when Mommy's getting a bit tired, we go take a shower. She has all her bath toys and she just plays happily at my feet while I do my thing. It takes a bit of extra water, maybe, but we don't do bathtime in the evenings, and there's another half hour or so gone. Hope this helps.

Renee - posted on 10/14/2010




I'm in the same boat, my one year old daughter is extremely active. There are a few things that always seem to please her - one is putting her 'in' the toybox. She's happy there for a good hour at least, either throwing things out, or playing with a few things in it. The other I just discovered is that she loves the local secondhand store. There's an area there with toys and she loves to poke around, or run around in the clothing area. The workers probably aren't too pleased with me, but oh well...

Jacqueline - posted on 10/13/2010




we use a site called you can search for playgroups in your area

Margaret - posted on 10/12/2010




i am going to be in the same boat soon too! i have a rambuctious 19month old... what is a wellie?

Maggie - posted on 10/06/2010




believe it or not a little cold isn't going to hurt your child. Put a coat on her and let her go out! Take her to the park, the playground, the yard, or wherever.

For indoor play you can go to the library. Most cities have museums and such geared toward children, too. You can look at your city's website to find out what kinds of places there are around you.

Aicha - posted on 10/05/2010




going to the mall or library is fun for toddlers it gets them out of the house also look into joining a playgroup

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Hide some toys now, and then switch them out once in a while to keep things new. Build forts and pillow mountains once in a while. Get a pan of dry rice or beans and hide little toys in it for her to find, and let her scoop and pour too. Go to the library - ours has toys, puppets, and puzzles for the kids to play with. Playdates!!!!

Tarryn - posted on 10/03/2010




Get your hands on an old box, secure it underneath and add some rope in the front and pull her along the carpet and she will love it. You can imitate car sounds whilst doing it. It will also help with improving her balance:) HAVE FUN:)

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