Advice me on this - 3 year old ADHD or Autism?

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I am 25 year old mom for a 3 year old boy. He is loving kid. He has the following problems and p-lease help me how to handle him
Speech Delay - At the age of 3 only now he says words like colors, numbers, objects but he doesn't respond back with answers when asked questions. Instead he would gesture. Example - If I ask him are you hungry? he would take me to fridge and show me the milk can instead of simply saying yes, milk.

Restless and non stop - He is a very on the go boy. When I take him out for a walk either he wants to run happily on the street without looking for dangers or he wants me to hold him and walk because he feels scared to walk along with other people(strangers) on the street.

Unfocused - When I point out something in the book he doesn't seem to give a damn. He would be too wavering and too busy looking at other pictures that interests him. But basically he is very observing child. If there is a new toy he tries to explore it with full focus until he knows what it is.

Not Responding - When he is playing in the room he doesn't listen to me or not sure whether he acts not to listen to me. When I call him by his name and say don't rip the book or dont sit on a toy he doesn't seem to listen to those. But when i say okay, its tv time or its icecream time he turns around to me. why does he do that?

Positives - He is very loving kid. Being my first one I pamper him so much and he gets loads of love from me and my husband. He loves people visiting us and he would drag them inside and make them sit on the couch. He too would sit next to them. He loves to laugh and giggle. His daycare teachers call him Mr Smile bcas he smiles at them in a naughty way whenever he does something he not supposed to do.

For speech delay we are starting his speeech therapy by next week. But my husband wants him to check for Autism too.. But I don't think he has? As a mom, do you all think I am overlooking all the Autism signs on my child and ignoring to give importance?


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From my understanding, boys tend to speak later, but you are doing the right thing by taking him to a speech therapist.

I work with children, I am BY NO MEANS an autism expert, however, I have noticed that, in general, autistic children tend to avoid touch. This can be one of the earlier indicators. Another to watch for is violent outbursts, beyond a short temper tantrum. This is not always the case with autistic children, but has been a trend that I have noticed in my experience. However, there is no harm in having your doctor check him out and give a professional opinion.

As for ADHD, it's tough to tell in toddlers. I have a VERY busy toddler, we fondly call her the hurricane, but as she is able to sit and focus (when SHE wants to), I am not as worried about that, though I do keep a close eye. Some signs are an inability to sit still, almost like they are possessed and HAVE to keep moving, jittering etc. as well as being very easily distracted. These can both be aspects of an active toddler, but worth keeping an eye on.

As my daughter goes to daycare a couple of days each week, I have found the workers there to be a fantastic resource. They have seen hundreds of kids her age and I value their opinion. They had to bring a high chair down from the infant room for my daughter recently as she would not sit still during snacks/lunch, and have to use it during circle time as well, but they assured me she is still within the "normal" range and is just a busy little girl :)

Best of luck with your little guy, he's lucky to have parents who take such good care of him!

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