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My daughters father has been on child support and pays every month, but has not seen her for the past year since he had a baby with his new gf. He is suppose to pick her up every other weekend and never shows up. He puts our daughter to the side and all she wants is for him to show that he loves and cares for her. I have been thinking about asking him for his rights because if something she ever happen to me( god forbid) he will keep her away from my family because he dislikes them. I start to think that what If I do this and my daughter ask to speak with him or go see him... what am I to say?? Should I even be thinking about asking for his rights or is there anything else that the court can do for not seeing his child?


Mary - posted on 06/09/2015




I would just have a serious conversation with him about how this is affecting your child. You don't want to come off aggressive because then he could make it about your relationship with him. Be as cordial as possible, considering. If he seems like he truly doesn't care then you should decide if you want to ask him to give up his rights and maybe that'll make him realize you're serious and hopefully that will make him want to be there for his daughter.

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