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Katherine - posted on 12/18/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 14 months old and still using a bottle for his whole milk in the morning and afternoon. We tried a sippy cup when he was around 9-10 months old and he didn't like it. He uses a cup with a straw to drink milk and water throughout the day and at meals. I have no real problem with him getting two bottles a day but he is getting ready to move to the next class at daycare and they prefer that he be off the bottle. He likes drinking from a straw but I'm not sure he will sit down long enough to drink enough milk from it. He usually drinks 9-12oz of milk in the morning and about 4-6oz in the afternoon with his bottle. I'm worried he will cut back on the amount of milk he drinks if he has to drink it from a straw; he loves propping himself up on a pillow and drinking his milk. A sippy cup seems like the best solution since it is probably the closest to a bottle. Any suggestions on how to make this transition easier or what sippy cups your little ones prefer?


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Savanah Elyse - posted on 12/18/2013




My daughter stayed with her bottle until 18 months old because I allowed her too my fault, I just didn't know what too do since she is my first and only child and I am young, but I learned. I would say what really worked is too get rid of all the bottles just give them away or something. Get a cup that has a softer spout I really don't know the brand because my daughter is two and mostly just drinks out of a regular cup. But when ur at the store go to the bottle aisle and there have recommended age groups on the cups and u can feel if there soft or softer than most, that was my daughter problem those sippy cups you can get anywhere have really hard spouts so I got softer more easier to get a drink out of at first. Off course for a couple days he wont like that there is no bottle but he will be thirsty and just have too settle with the cup finally. she only went for like an hour of pouting and just drinked from the cup cuss it had milk in it. If you don't want too just get rid of the bottles completely than try putting plain water in the bottle and milk in the cup and let him get the one he wants and show him that theres milk in the cup and he might eventually want the cup at the end of the day cuss the bottle only has water and milk tastes better.

And getting sippy cups with straws is a good idea too for when traveling or at daycare. I find it kind of werid that they want him to have a sippy cup cuss when my daughter strated daycare she couldn't have her cup they had little cups they gave her drinks in there I thought she hate that but after a day at school she didn't even really want the sippy when she got home. try not too let him lay down too much while drinking now that he is no longer a little baby that u have to hold the bottle for. that can get addicting and he might always need the bottle or cup to lay down with that would be even harder to break that habit. Easier said than done I know but just try too be patient and not rush things too much like if things u try don't work just keep trying and don't give up. Softer spouts are always best to transition at first.

Wish you well hope I helped a little bit

Sarah - posted on 12/18/2013




actually at his age he should be cutting back on the amount of milk he is drinking. At his age he should be only getting about 12 ounces of milk a day. After they are 1 yrs old most their nutrition comes from the food they eat, so you want them filling up on food and not liquid. So pretty much it is a glass of milk ( 4 ounces) with every meal (breakfast, lunch, supper) and then water if needed throughout the rest of the day. I would say just cut out those two bottles he is not needing them and is doing well with the straw. There are sippy cups that you can get that are with a straw. Part of drinking from the sippy is also starting to learn table manners and how to eat like a big kid. He is moving onto the next stage. Now it is him learning how to feed himself. In a few more months you will want to start introducing the spoon and fork. Letting him play around with it and figure out how it works. It takes time to learn and to develop those motor skills to work it, so giving him practice will help him learn and develop those skills.

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