AGH!! 3.5 yr old and pooping at night? Help!!

Lauren - posted on 11/21/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello everyone!

I was wondering...Should I be concerned that my 3.5 year old is still pooping in his sleep in the middle of the night?

He's been daytime potty trained for over a year now, but is still wearing pull ups to bed, because he's not yet dry at night. I'm much less concerned about this, because I realize he's still young for that...but I do worry that he's both peeing AND pooping more or less every night. We habitually have him try and go potty just before bed each night, but this is still something that happens regardless. We've also tried to change his diet, and when we eat in the evening--but for the most part, nothing has changed.

Two different pediatricians have told me that this isn't something to be concerned about at this point. But I'm at a loss. After some horrendous nights this past month, DH and I have been floating the idea of moving DS from a pull-up, back to a regular overnight diaper...because we're having to deal with both the poop issue AND big nighttime pees, but I've been nervous to.

I'm completely at a loss here.


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