Any tips on cutting my 2 year olds hair?

Amanda - posted on 10/27/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have always cut my little man's hair on my own... but it has always only needed a few snips with the scissors at the neck and around his ears and forehead. Now, as his hair is longer and thicker, I am ready to give him less of a "little boy-ish" look. I want to use the clippers and buzz it pretty short, with it a little longer on top to be able to spike it or not as we want that day, but I really do not want to take him to a professional cuttery (last time we did was a complete nightmare!). I've never really used clippers except to buzz a whole head, never used them to try to create an actual style. Any helpful hints on how to do this?

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Amy - posted on 10/29/2011




I trim my almost 3 year old son's hair. I set a towel down on the floor sit with him on my lap and trip from the bottom up to about an inch or so hangs down kind of like a miliary cut and it leaves lots to spike!

September - posted on 10/28/2011




Personally I would take him to a place that specializes in Children's haircuts. They usually have great ideas when it comes to keeping one still and so on. We go to a place called Beachcombers. Our son use to not be able to sit still, he would cry and fight to get out of the chair until I discovered Beachcombers. He loves that place! You could always try a lollypop too :) Good luck!

Amanda - posted on 10/28/2011




I tried that on our last hair cut. He had a complete melt down! He wouldn't hold still, and screamed for the whole 15 minutes! His hair looked horrible! Poor girl did the best she could, but he just would not have it. And that was with scissors. I couldn't imagine some one else taking buzzers to his head. Poor little man would flip out!!!

Katherine - posted on 10/27/2011




Honestly? I would take him to a salon. That way no mess ups. It only costs me $5 to get my daughters hair cut.

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