any tips on getting my 4yr old to sleep in his own bed? even with the dog he refuses to sleep alone.


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Candi - posted on 01/23/2011




First I would explain to him that its time he sleeps in his own big boy bed. I have a toddler bed in my room for my daughter and a big girl bed in her own room and she sleeps in both. She sleeps better in my room but we do both rooms so she knows that she needs to sleep in her own room and bed. Every now and then she sleeps in our bed but only for 2 hours tops. After you explain to him that its time for him to sleep in his own big boy bed whether is in your room or his own room, you have to force him to sleep in there. It may be hard and take a while but in the end it will pay off for you. You may have to let him cry his self to sleep in the beginning and then after a few times he will know that its bed time in his own bed. Good Luck :-)

Aicha - posted on 01/22/2011




have you tried letting him sleep in his bed but put the bed in the same room you are sleeping in, my daughter will sleep on her own but she likes to have someone in the room so her bed is next to mommies bed and she sleeps all night long

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