Any tips on potty training my two year old toddler !!! Really could use some advice .


Sarah - posted on 01/21/2013




Here are some general tips I have learned. Encourage but don't push. Have a routine. I find that if you eat around the same times every day then pottying is around the same times as well. I would always have them go and try about 1 hour after a meal and then also when they get up in the AM or from a nap and before they go to bed both in the evening and before nap. At first I did not ask if they had to go I would just have them sit and try. If they are not wanting to sit then don't force it....offer a reward for sitting, or make sure they feel secure sitting on the potty. I like doing a reward system. Usually it is 1 m&m for pee 2 for poop. Candy in our house is not very often, so it is a big reward to get one. I find that this really helps them catch on. Pull-ups have their place, but can also hinder the process as well. I have found that there is a point to which they have figured out pottying enough to do the underwear during the day allowing them to have an accident or 2 for them to really get the "I have to stop and go" idea. Ask often, but not too much. At first I don't ask just take. Once they are going on a regular basis then I start to ask first and then take if it has been a LONG period inbetween. The reward moves with the progress. So if they are going on a regular basis when I take then we move to the me asking phase. If during that phase they have not gone for a long time and I end up just taking them and then they go there is no reward.....reward is now done when I ask and they go at that time. Hope this helps. It is a process. Some kids get it quickly and others take awhile. Some kids are ready ealier then others.

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