Anyone else's 18 month old not walking yet?

Kat - posted on 05/12/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter just turned 18 months, and doesn't seem to have any inclination to walk on her own. She'll walk holding my hands, or pushing her block trolley, or cruising along the furniture but she won't do it on her own.


Elfrieda - posted on 05/12/2012




Mine didn't walk until 17 months. Well, he could take steps at 15 months, but still preferred to crawl everywhere. I could tell he thought walking was soooo dangerous. He's a cautious kid, he just doesn't like getting hurt, which I can appreciate.

If you've decided there's nothing physically wrong (and it doesn't sound like it if she's cruising and walking with a pushtoy) you need to find a way to motivate her.

I'd stop walking her with your hands, just to frustrate her a little, or insist on only holding one hand. What drives her? Is it interesting things? Praise? For my son it's attention. He'll do anything for attention, including walking. If we cheered for him and coaxed him and both were staring at him smiling (it worked even better if the grandparents were there cheering, too) he would walk, just to get more applause. (of course, this got him to take some steps, but only as long as the cheering went on. After that, he'd go back to crawling. But I think it convinced him that maybe walking wasn't so bad.)

If she's more interested in exploring, I'd suggest putting her between two armchairs that are 2-3 feet apart, and have a bunch of interesting/forbidden things on each seat. You go behind one and get someone else to go behind the other, and then you say, "Look, honey! You want to play with my cell phone?" and put it on the seat in front of you. She'll get up and play with it, then your husband says, "Look, baby, here are the car keys!" and puts them on the seat in front of him. She'll probably rush over, maybe crawling, but if you keep luring her back and forth she might start to think that maybe walking would be faster.

Just a suggestion! Have fun. :)


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Janice - posted on 05/18/2012




I agree that it sounds like a confidence issue. Elfrieda's advice is a great. One more idea is to visit with an unfamiliar (to your daughter) friend or family member. My daughter was only cruising and her first independent step was when my cousin was trying to engage her and she got nervous and just let go of the couch she was cruising along and took a step towards me. That was enough to get her to start trying more.

However, not walking at 18 months is really the cap of normal so it might be worth to get her evaluated just to rule out any possible underlying issue.

Tina - posted on 05/18/2012




I'd definately go to the doctor and ask questions it may just be a confident thing but it's best to be sure.

Katherine - posted on 05/15/2012




I agree about the confidence thing. I also agree about having her tested. Just to be safe....

Heather - posted on 05/14/2012




She needs to be tested. ALL children should be walking by 18 months. If they aren't, you should tell your ped. and have her tested. There could be some underlying issue as to why she isn't walking yet...

Louise - posted on 05/12/2012




This is a confidence thing she will get there eventually. Just try and stand in front of her and let her take a few steps to you. If she is walking with you she can do it unaided and there is no physical problem.

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