Anyone feeling so paranoid like you wanna throw up

Renchia - posted on 08/02/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please in need of help... I am a mother of a toddler. And I get more paranoid the older she gets. Even if she coughs or her throat wheezes once... I cant sleep, I cant eat, heck I get so sick I throw up. Everyone keeps on telling me to stop being so paranoid. If she starts getting sick I take her to the doctor. Please can anyone out there tell me how to stop being like this?


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Teresa - posted on 08/08/2014




SOunds like something you need to get professional help for, maybe some kind of OCD. It's not always washing your hands a million times a day. You feel a compulsion and you need some kind release for it.

Chet - posted on 08/03/2014




You need to talk to a therapist for something like this. Your family doctor may be able to refer you to somebody good.

It's important to get a handle on this sooner rather than later. It's not good for you, and it can be very difficult for your child as well.

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