Are time outs an effective way to get a 2 1/2 year old to understand consequences?


Sarah - posted on 04/09/2015




Being constant and following through. You give 1 warning. ....warning is given at their level (height wise) facing them one on you are not yelling across the room to give the warning. If behavior continues after warning then child goes to time out. The time out spot is a spot not by others, not by toys or things that can become "toys", not by tv or where they can see tv. When placed in time out you give a brief explanation at their level (height wise).....example "we don't hit". Then timer is set for 2 mins. (1 min per yr of age). If child gets up before the 2 mins are up then child is placed back in time out spot (without being talked to) and timer starts over at 2 mins. This continues until child has sat for the complete 2 mins.......for some at first this may take hours. There is also no communication with the child while in time matter what the child says (i love you, I am sorry, I won't do it again, etc.) Once child has sat for the complete 2 mins. then you go over and explain again "we don't hit" and then child says sorry and time out is done. Again you have to be consistent and follow through each time.


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