At what age do kids bathe themelves?

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My little guy is three. I bathe him every night. He loves bathtime because to him it's more playtime. I am trying to teach him to do his own soap and he's getting the concept. At what age can boys clean themselves, but still being supervised?


Kris - posted on 12/08/2012




I honestly can't remember the exact age, but I think it was between 3 and 4. I would take his rag, which was his special bath time wash cloth, and i would wrap it around a bar of soap, and rub the rag til the soap came out while. Then I would poke fun at the rag, saying the soap wants to come out, but it can onloy come out if you rub it on your skin, can you help it come out. And he would barely rub it on his arms, belly, pits and feet. Then I'd tell him that he didn't get enough of the soap on his skin, and to hurry before the soap gets too scared. He'd look at me like "what are you crazy?", so i'd pretend the soap was whispering to me, asking for help, that he's getting scared, so i'd take the rag from my son and quickly wash him while tickling him and saying we gotta hurry, we gotta hurry, quick quick! He knew I was playing around, and he would play along. But he eventually got the hang of where he's supposed to wash and how.

Advanced warning.....when your son turns 6, maybe 7, he could stop washing in the bath/shower, and say he did. Some boys are like that. My husband did it, and now my son, who's almost 9, is doing it. My husband has a fix for that though. He will mark our son with a pen, and tell him he has to wash it all off, or he's getting back in the shower. So when he gets out, check his neck to see if it's still dirty. You'll want to get a handle on that before it becomes a habit, but that's only IF he starts that.

My daughter on the other hand was about 2-2 1/2. She learned very quickly how and where to wash. But then, she would see me(except when I washed my hoohah). I would even pretend she was shaving my legs(I put the plastic protector back onto an old razor). A little after she understood bathing, she would get mad at me and take the rag out of my hand and tell me she can do it, she's a big girl now lol. So I started sitting in the bathroom with a book and sit on the toilet while she took an hour long bath.

It just depends on how independent they can or want to be, and how badly they want to do it on their own. Some kids won't start bathing themselves til they're 5 or 6, because they're so attached to mommy or daddy, or they're spoiled and don't want to do anything.

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