Autism worry?

Sofia - posted on 08/29/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My child is 17 month old, born one month early. She has met all milestones on time, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. However, I've noticed some quirks that I worry might mean something is wrong. (Because my PPA and Google tell me so.)

She is very happy, laughs, gestures with points, waving, does so big, claps, walks and runs, climbs on everything, babbles, has about 25-30 words, uses the words correctly, seems to understand most commands but she only does them when she wants. She also ignores her name maybe 30 percent of the time. She moves her arms when she's excited or angry. She covers her ears at random, but doesn't seem to be distressed about anything. She does mimic sounds that I say and tried to attempt words. She recognizes people, and she does make good eye contact. But when she runs towards you, she grins real big and kind of looks to the side? She walks flat footed but when barefoot, she'll occasionally tip toe, but she doesn't do it very long? She is social with children. She watches them play, talks to them, and when she's comfortable, she joins in. She is not great at sharing, but she is not aggressive. She is beginning to throw little tantrums, but they are not excessive. She will lay on the ground and cry, but they never last more than a few minutes. She is a great eater, and she doesn't seem to have any sensory issues there. She does randomly rub her hands together like they're dirty, which is weird but idk what to make of it. And today, she spun in a circle a few times for no real reason, but not very long. Pretty much all of this is easily redirect able, but I'm a first time Mom with really bad anxiety, and I was hoping to hear some comments before we go to our 18 months appointment. I know they will screen for autism, but I'm wondering if I should expect them to be concerned. She is a wonderful kid, a great sleeper, loves to say hello and smile at everyone, but she does have appropriate stranger danger. She does cuddle when she's relaxed, but otherwise, she gets into everything. She even shakes her head no when she knows she shouldn't do something, but sometimes she does it anyways.

Please be gentle on me if I'm being an overreactive Mom, my anxiety really is bad and I've been trying several meds to work it out.

Also! She doesn't sit still for books but she seems to still be paying attention while playing when I do read to her. Is that weird?


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Leslie - posted on 08/31/2017




I agree with Sarah - it sounds like first mom worries - your dd sounds like a typically developing little one. Try not to worry too much! :-)

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