Baby screams so hard that my ears ring for about 2 mins after her cries dies down

Reshma - posted on 06/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 1.4 year old daughter is an angel that is until she starts screaming for some reason, then you would wish you were in some other world altogether. These days she doesn't need a reason for screaming , she is so unpredictable that its stressing me out a lot. My son was also stubborn like her but he dint give me goose bumps by screaming. I cant figure how to handle her tantrums because tantrums it is. I know for a fact that her being sick, or hungry or sleepy is not the trigger for her tantrums because usually i follow a sort of timetable where in she is well tended to. She is very independent meaning she will try her best to play with a toy before she even lets me try it. Her screaming lets me know that she is frustrated but of what i can't tell. Her brother and she play amicably that is when am around :) i never leave them alone together. Her tantrums are always in the evenings. Any suggestions would help. I want to help her and screaming never helps.


Sarah - posted on 06/27/2013




My youngest is the same way. She has a scream that makes my ears ring. Sometimes even giving me a headache. Sometimes we would give into her requests just to stop the screaming.....though I know this is NOT good and comes back to haunt you 10xs worse. One day I told her that if she wanted to scream she needed to be in her bed. Then I put her in her bed for about 30 sec. to 1 min. That amazingly helped. When she would start to scream I would warn her about putting her in her bed. Sometimes she would stop and sometimes I would have to put her in her bed. I think it gave her a consequence to the screaming. She will still sometimes scream, but it is WAY less then what it was. We have also hit the 2's so I expect some of it also.

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