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Shana - posted on 04/13/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 19 months old. She likes the bath, but has recently insisted on having the faucet running the entire time. She also has figured out how to take the stopper out and drain the water. Any ideas how to prevent having to have the water run consistently and keeping water in the tub.


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Mary-Ann - posted on 04/15/2009




take her in the shower with you, then water can be running while she is in there and you aren't using more water than necessary. I bring my DD in the shower with me now, i wash her hair first and then she plays with her toys while I finnish showering. your DD is old enough to try and wash her body by herself, if you haven't done this yet she might like it. I bought my DD a bath poof with a pig face on it, she loves it and know it is hers. or buy a shower attatchment for the faucet. There are kids ones out there, that may help with keeping water flow to a minimum.

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My son is almsot 18 months old and also likes to take the stopper out.  To solve this, I bought one of those flat round ones that almost disappears against the white background of the tub.  The other one had a chain and a knob, which would catch his attention.  Since I bought the new stopper (cost me $1 at the dollar store), he hasn't emptied the tub at all.  As for your daughter wanting the water running constantly...this would bother me because I'm so frugal with our water bill and constantly trying to save water.  Does she have plenty of toys in the tub?  Also, try sitting her down facing away from the water handle.  I don't let my son stand up in the tub because I'm so worried about him slipping so I always face him away, towards the foot of the tub, which is where all his toys are.  Hope this helps :)

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