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My daughter is 3yrs old an she knows how to wash up the right way,but when is it ok to let her bath on her own?


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Deepti - posted on 05/04/2011




i leave my 2 and a half year old alone for few minutes so that she can enjoy .. but i keep on visiting to make sure that everything is alright..i make her use soap in front of me and not alone as it can be risky. she applies soap on her hands and stomach and sprinkle water.. and this is enough for this age group.
my seven year old can bath alone. so we take turns alternatively to bath him as he is still young to apply soap on his head. its a slow process.

Jennifer - posted on 05/04/2011




Are you a first time mom? I'm asking because it seems like a question some first time mothers might ask. With my first born (who is now 5) by 2 1/2 I would wash her up and rinse her off and then leave her to play while I washed dishes and such and I told her to call me if she needed me and to let me know when she was done. I'm quite sure it is ok to let her bathe on her own. If you're worried about it, being within an ear shot distance should help until your mind is more at ease.

√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 05/03/2011




If your asking its too soon........... you should feel confident enough to know your child will not drown, will not stand up slip and fall, and all the rest....

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