Bed Time Hassle with my 2yr old

Brittany - posted on 01/13/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey! My son just turned 2 and putting him for naps during the day and bed have become a huge stressful hassle! We never had this problem before. Sometimes he will cry for 15-20 mins then play for another 10 then go to his bed and fall asleep. Other times it's crying for like 25 mins or longer! I have to keep his schedule I can not change it. Hell sit at his doors sometimes and cry and pound on it and then go to his bed but even getting him to his room is rough. Always running screaming even if we say the word bed time and throwing himself down. Ive heard it could be something new in his room but nothing has changed but his night-light and he loves his night -light. Is this just a phase?!


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probably. my son is only 16 months but has stopped going down well for naps and bedtime. he will lay in his crib and talk to himself or kick the inside or cry for sometimes up to an hour. i just leave him there. i make sure he's fed and changed first and then i know there's nothing wrong with him.

Jen - posted on 01/14/2011




We are having some issues as well, but nothing that is "all of a sudden". We have been resting with her until she falls asleep since I can remember. So now, we have to stay with her until she falls asleep. This can range from 10 minutes to an hour. And if she wakes up thru the night, it is into my room to get me and then I have to lay back down with her until she falls asleep. There are nights when I end up sleeping with her all night. My lil one doesn't want to sleep in her bed...she sleeps on the couch, yes...she has her room and a nice bed...
I don't think my story is helping it makes me sound worse off than you.

Iqra - posted on 01/14/2011




hi,brittany as every one know that every baby is different but my baby is the same age as your and she donnt take naps she wake up 9'0 clock and goes to bed around 8 or 9 and these 12 hours she play so much that she get so tired that i lay her down on bed and after 5 minutes booom she passed out and i can enjoy my time with hubby so try this donnt put her on sleep in afternoon and in night just give her feeder lay her down on bed and sit on the side DONNT look at her may be she cry a little bit but ignore her and u will see after a week u put her on bed,close the door n come back after 10 mintues she would be sleeping. best of luck

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