Bedtime for my 15 month old

Brittany - posted on 10/10/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 15 month old daughter used to go to sleep by herself. I let her auntie take her for 2 nights like a week ago and ever since then she will not go to bed without mommy or daddy being right there. She crawls out of her bed and insists that she sleep with us. Is there any advice any one can give me for this issue


Aisha - posted on 10/10/2009




Wow, first of all congrats on getting a 15 month old to sleep in a bed and by herself!

My daughter has trouble getting back into her routine if she stays with someone else overnight (or even during the day and misses a nap), is sick, saw something that was get the idea. She is now 27 months but apparently it is an ongoing thing. I've got a babygate in my daughter's doorway and most of the time hearing it click into place is her signal that it really is bedtime. Otherwise I do as her doctor advised: put her to bed normal routine, respond the first time she calls/cries with a quicker tuck in, wait 10 min tuck her in again and so on. Don't pick her up or in any other way give her what she wants.

Obviously this is going to break your heart (it did mine) but my daughter is extremely quick to catch the slightest crack - one night she stands at her babygate "Mama....I sorry Mama" sniff sniff. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. You are her mother. You know if she is genuinely scared and needs reassurance. You know when she's exaggerating or giving you a guilt trip.

Other than that keep in mind that if you are not consistent in how you want her to sleep (i.e. in her own bed) you could very easily be sharing your bed with a 4 yr. old wondering how this happened that your husband is on the couch and you are sleeping with a sideways sleeping preschooler. Ask you doctor and keep to the same expectations/routine that you had before she had a sleepover at Auntie's. Good luck! Hope this helped!!

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Get her in a bedtime routine, if she's not already. And stick to it. Example: bath, read, pray, bed, etc. Also, get music in her room, toddler lullabies and nature sounds are a good choice. Before her bath, play her music, this will tell her that it's bedtime. When it's time for her to go to bed, give her a book or a soft toy to play with. Leave the room, if she's reading a book or playing with a soft toy then she shouldn't fuss when you leave. Tell her you love her, but it's bedtime and she can read her book. With the music playing in the background she should fall asleep quickly. If she fussing a little, just let her stay there for 10 - 15 minutes, (she's testing you), don't give in. Now if she's crying or screaming go in there after 10 minutes. Reassure her that you love her, and leave the room again. Try this a few times. If she still doesn't give in, then cuddle with her on the couch. Tell her she is no longer aloud in your bed, but you will cuddle on the couch or in her bed (if it's not a crib). Tell her that you will cuddle with her on the couch for a little while, then she will need to go back in her bed.

You may need to use Johnson's bedtime bath and lotion to get her calm, relaxed, and ready for bed.

I hope this helps. God bless and good luck.

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Something may have frightened her or her routine got disrupted when she was at her aunties. Start retraining her normal routine and sometimes you may have to sit on the floor next to her crib/bed to reassure her that everything is ok and each night stay for a shorter period of time. Some even put their child to bed and let them cry a little and the child realizes that the parents wont give in. I wouldn't let her cry too long because then she might feel abandonned. I would say no more than 5 minutes and then go back in a reassure her if you choose to try that method. With my almost 6 year old, we would put him in bed, take turns sitting next to the bed and did the shorted period of time thing. My almost 2 year old is changing his routine and not wanting to go to sleep unless he can crawl in my lap instead of just going to bed like he used to. Just give her a little time to get readjusted to what her normailty is.


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Karen - posted on 10/10/2009




Everyone seems to have the same idea!

I have a 16 month old and from the very begining we've had a routine an it hasn't changed! 7:30 to 8:00 she gets her bath. During her bath "we" brush our teeth, me or my husband brush ours while she does hers so it's fun. She gets out of the bath and goes straight to her room for her pj's. Then we spell her name out, which is on the wall above her bed. Give "big" hugs and smooches. She lays down with her teddy and blanket and we tuck her in. I put her glow worm next to her and turn it on. Then I brush my hand across her forhead, tell her I love her, and it's "night night time". And I close her door. She has never slept in our bed and she goes to sleep at the same time every single night with ease. Once you have a routine, do it every night and it will not only be a habit for you but for your little one as well! Raegan has been doing this for so long now that she's used to it and knows what to expect. So she never cries. She does have one book that stays in her bed so if she doesn't go right to sleep there's something for to mess with. But it never takes long till she's humming herself into sweet dreams.

Another thing I do is when Raegan stays over night with someone else, I send the pack-n-play with her normal night stuff. And make sure that they know her night time routine and what she does. So far we haven't had any problems with her sleeping habits.

Hopefully you've gotten some good ideas and things work out for you guys!

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