Bedtime routine for 2 children?

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I have a 16mo. little girl and a 2.5 little boy. My daughter is obviously still in her crib and my son is in a toddler bed, both sharing a room. Honestly bedtime goes fairly smoothly for us so I have no real complaints. It's just that my son demands more of my attention and I feel like my daughter just gets plunked in there while I read my son a story. She waits patiently for him to come back in and then I tuck them both in. I tried reading to them both but developmentally she just isn't interested. She crawls all over us and tries to grab the book, thus riling my son get the idea ;) Maybe she will just grow into story time with us when she's ready. I'm not complaining because other than me having to come back upstairs and "re-tuck" them in a time or two on occasion they go to bed pretty nicely. I'm just wondering what you other mom's of 2 young toddlers do? I've always had such a one on one routine with my son. Basically with my daughter I sing her a little song and tuck her in until we come back and the I tuck her in again lol.


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My daughter is 14 months and my son is 2.5. They don't share a room so it's a little different but I do separate bedtimes. I do my daughter's first--while daddy is playing with my son, and does what I call pre-bedtime, bath if needed, change into pajamas, read a few books if I'm still not done with my daughter. Then I come in for the final bed time push, read him more books and snuggle him to sleep.

So if you want to give your daughter her one on one bedtime time you could try starting her bedtime first while dad plays with your older one elsewhere. You could even try doing your sons bedtime stories in your bedroom if you don't want to disturb your little one trying to fall asleep. But also don't mess with what works.


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Your way is not a bad way of doing it and if it works it might be the way you want to continue for the time being. Another option might to try to read to your son while in the bedroom. Do what you normally do with your daughter (sing and tuck in) and then sit on your son's bed or the floor and read him the book. Your daughter is in the crib and thus not crawling around and making distractions, but she is able to still hear story time. As you stated your daughter will grow into story time as she gets older, but maybe this is a way to have her hear the story without her going all over the place. Again your way of doing things right now is not a bad one, so if that is the way that works the best go with that.

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