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Sadafshehzady - posted on 06/03/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi my son plays with his cousin sisters all time often he loves to fight with them and sometime when he is in good mood he tries to kiss them I am very upset with his such kind of behaviour.
What should I do now so that he could behave normally like others?


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It doesn't really sound unnatural or harmful since he is only 4. Try not to over-react, but consider a talking with him in a calm moment and ask why he is trying to kiss them. He may somehow have picked up the behavior. Understanding why could help you talk about appropriate behaviors with the opposite sex. He may just need some guidance. Good luck.

Karen - posted on 06/05/2017




I would sit down and chat and say this is not the way to act and if done again pull his pants down and he needs a bare but spanking.

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