Best way to toilet train your daughter?


Dawn Cuomo - posted on 09/14/2010




HI Jessica, I do child care in my home and part of my daily job is potty training. I don't rush the child, as soon as the child is expressing that she is going or has gone potty in her pants she is aware of being potty trained. A few signs to look for when the child is ready. Has interest in going potty, can go long periods of time with a dry diaper, understands pee pee and poo poo, can sit on a potty for more than a minute, can start dressing and undressing him/herself from the waist down, To start potty training I will read a potty book to the child. I will set up the potty and leave a book and or a toy only used at the potty. The point about the toy is that it keeps the child on the potty longer and it relaxes the child and takes away the intense focus of trying to go potty. When the child is relaxed they are more likely to go potty because they are not trying so hard to go. The toy also helps to eleviate stress and bordom so they don't get burned out on the potty training. As an insentive I use MM's. They are colorful, fun, chocolatey and yummy and it makes for a good insentive. Sometimes kids just loose interest or its easier to go in thier diapers so the mm's help give them that insentive they need. I only give one to them when they go. If they try on the potty and they have nothing to show for it, thats ok you just say, " thats ok we'll just try again later but good job for trying" and if they ask for the m&m you tell them," I'm sorry they are only for when you go potty, so we will try again later", and do it with a smile. If the m&m doesn't work find something that you know that will work as an insentive. You can also let the child run around with out a diaper on and just in underwear and she may not like peeing on herself and want to use the potty. Now when the child does go potty and your using the M&M's let her pick the color of her choice, this can be an opportunity to learn her colors and if you have other children around who also want an m&m and is feeling left out you can ask her to share her m&ms's with her siblings, friends.. and this works out because every tme she gets and M&M so will sibling and friends and they will cheer her on and want her to go potty too and hopefully encourage some moral support to go potty. I always use this with my day care kids and its a great way to share and that makes the child happy to share or if not, you can share the M&Ms with them. Make sure the other children give the child a good huray for going.Take a week to 2 weeks to devote to this but only when you feel she is ready. Have her put her baby doll on the potty to make it more interesting. Be creative. You can also deny something until she trys to go potty. You want to go outside, tell her ok when you try to go potty we can go outside. If there is something she wants ok you can have it but not until you try and go potty first. Don't make the event a melt down, just ease into it, you don't want her kicking and screaming to the potty. I hope this helps. Dawn


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Jamie - posted on 04/24/2009




I did this with my son and daughter. Just start putting them in panties, then ask them every 30 minutes if they have to go and once an hour whether they have to go or not take them to the bathroom. I honestly felt like I was pestering them all the time but it worked for us It took about a week to get both my kids to learn when they needed to go. And accidents will happen so hbe prepared.

Crystal - posted on 04/24/2009




girls (i have found anyways) are really easy to potty train... have them sit on the potty regualarly and any time they accually use it make a huge deal about it, reward them somehow like stickers or something like that and brag about it infront of her that way she sees how proud you are of it and she will want to keep doing it. Don't get angry or mad at her for accidents cause they will happen and there isn't much you can do about it. just tell her that it's ok and she will make it to the potty next time. You can also try using pull ups... I didn't like them too much with my daughter cause they are just like diapers only they have pull them up. What i did with my daughter is bought her Dora panties and told her that if she when pee on the potty for a week that she could wear them.

good luck

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