Bloody bottles !!!!!

Samantha - posted on 03/11/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok so here it is..... When my partners boy was 2 years old. he was constantly drinking milk all day long all through the night Bottles constantly then milk with his cereals, he hardly had an appetite because of filling up with milk so when I looked after him I would cut his milk right down because he was having far far far too much, so I sat down with my partner and we spoke about cutting his milk down we did it pretty drasticly so he would have milk with his cereals watered down juice or water through the day and changed his milk to a weak tea at bed which he drank before going to sleep, at fist he winged and winged and winged milk milk milk milk and we stuck to our guns, then we go rid of his bottles and he was constantly buying the teets all the time and it was going everywhere so I went out and brought him beackers and cups, we binned all bottles and he would scream sounds harsh but it had to be done, he stated to eat like a horse !!! So his appetite picked up which it's what I said to my partner it would do, anyway he got got use to using a beacker or little cup and stopped wining accept when he was coming back from his nannys when he would scream and clever am because nanny had bottles and tye wanted one nanny would give him one, my partner told his mum that he no longer wants him to have any bottles what so ever and just beackers or plastic cups as he's 3 now. Well every week he comes back with a bottle !!! My partner keeps telling his mum to stop it and he's his dad and it's what he wants and she should respect his wishes she's just doesn't listen and says if he wants a bottle I will give him one which is defeating what we are doing he has cups at nursery not a bottle !!!!! It's so infuriating as he is over 3 years now and now has his own tea cup for when we all have a morning cup of tea, and before he goes to bed, and a special plastic minion magic cup for his weak juice and water. As he's a big boy and wants to be like daddy and sammy, just all goes out of the window when he comes back in the morning with a bottle hanging out of his gob :( then bitches all week when he knows it's say in our home all week ..... Till his mum (partners mum) picks little man and the bottle back up


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