body rash?

Kathleen - posted on 05/30/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




my 13 month son has a rash (little small dots) all over his chest, back, butt and forehead. They are not blistered or anything like that, they just look like freckles, but he dosnt have freckles!He has been acting really crabby lately, no fever to speak of, he hasnt been eating a lot, but he has been drinking all the time, but dosnt seem to be urinating like he should with all the juice and pedialite he is taking in. I think I am gonna wind up taking him to his pedi on monday, but I would like some sort of clue as to what this could be...


Amanda - posted on 05/31/2009




my son had a rash recently. did it come on suddenly? When I took him to daycare, he had a few bumps, by lunch he was covered head to toe. Dr said it was from a virus, simular to roseola. a few days later it cleared up.


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Mary-Ann - posted on 06/02/2009




You said he didn't have a fever to speak of, but did he have a mild fever at all? . If so it could be roseola (baby measles). If that's the case there is nothing you can do about it, it's a virus and will go away on it's own. My DD had a fever off and on for 3 days then got a rash, she was not as hungry, drank lots but was for the most part normal, just slept a little more. It is still good to have it confirmed with the doctor, especially if he seems dehydrated.

Jessica - posted on 05/31/2009




I would check into to he might have a skin condition but like Lindsay it worries me that he's not urinating like he should be. My son was in the hospital over his 1st birthday b/c he they think he had roto virus and he was very dehydrated b/c he couldn't keep anything down....and he had the IV in his little wrist

Christine - posted on 05/31/2009




my son has tiny raised bumps on his cheeks, upper arms, theighs, and butt. hes had it since he was like 3 months old. the doctor said theres a cream but he has to wait till hes two. he just turned two and we're using the cream, i guess they look slightly less red. well see. the doctor said its completely normal my son just has a severe case. the rash doesnt bother or itch my son in any way thank god.

Lindsay - posted on 05/30/2009




I'm not sure what the rash could be but if you are concerned with his urinating not being enough and would see a doctor as soon as you can as dehydration can be very hard on a child that young. Not trying to scare you but my daughter got very dehyrated very fast with a virus around her first birthday and had to be admitted into the hospital with an IV. She was fine, lukcily but it's very scary to see your precious little ones that sick! Good luck!

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