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Patricia - posted on 02/24/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




In the last week my 3 year old daughter has become extreamly bossy like shes the parent and started hitting people. Shes always been a great kid, never and problems what so ever. She lives in a split household. I believe I have ruled out anything as to why shes doing this, no drastic changes in either household or daycare. Any advice as to how to handle her being bossy and hitting???


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My son went through the same thing at 3. Maybe it's the age :-/. Whenever he got mad he would try to hit and kick me. I would just hold him still with his hands by his sides and tell him "No! That is not how you get your way! Hitting is not nice!". One day he just stopped doing it, maybe about 6 months after the first incident. He is now 5 and he hasn't tried to hit me or anyone else since then.

Carissa - posted on 02/25/2013




My little boy is going through the same thing. If he hits I just hold his hand and tell him that's not nice. We don't hit. And if he tries to be bossy I just tell him I am mommy not you. And with both situations I ask him why did he do it? Why did you say that? It is slowly but surely getting better. You can try those things. And try to avoid a spank or popping her hand. It kind of defeats the whole no hitting thing (learned that the hard way). I hope this helps even a little and I wish you luck!

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