Both of my boys are in my bed!

Christina - posted on 08/26/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi I need some help here.
I have 2 boys 5 n 1. My 5yr old has been in my need since birth, now my 1 yr old is following suit!
I put them both to sleep in their room but during the night they both end up in my bed. Okay I get it my older son has been in my room forever so this transition is very difficult for him. My one year old and has been placed in a toddler bed because he's a climber, I didn't want to take any chances with him falling out of the crib. Now he wakes up and just walked into my bedroom verses before he would wake up and just put himself back to sleep in his crib. I thought about putting up the gate at their bedroom door but my older son had a panic attack! I call him my stalker, he must know my whereabouts every moment of the day, so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to keep him in his room never mind the baby! I am ears wide open for any suggestions. This of course does not seem to affect my husband only in the sex area. As long as the kids are asleep in their room when he need some love, then he's fine. If the kids wake up during the night and I am constantly waking up during the night to put them back in their bed... this just doesn't bother him. He works I am stay home mommy so I'm expected to be super mommy and lack of sleep should not bother me. Also my son just started school and he's tired. Help!!


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