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"Bow-legged" One year old...

Vanessa - posted on 10/13/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hey yall,

My little girl is one years old. Started around 8 months. When she walks her feet turn inwards. At first she used to trip over her feet but now she manages not to anymore. I've sought out various methods to get her to correct her feet, from adding more calcium (soy and rice milk) to her diet, massaging her legs and ankles, Vitamin C tablets, light weight / flexible shoes from Stride Rite, and barefoot walking. But everyday someone points out how "bow-legged" she is and how I should take her to a doctor to get braces put on or have them break her legs to correct them.

My thing is, everyday she seems to get better, she not that bad. I read somewhere that toddlers that start off bow-legged usually grow out of it by 3 yrs old, and if not, then that's when a parent should worry and consult a doctor for more evasive correcting.

What should I do?? Has anyone had experience with a bow-legged baby? HELP!! lol


Sophia - posted on 10/13/2009




My daughter was the same and i actually too k her to a pediatrice and he said they dont' do anything for it anymore and that as they grow taller, it will fix itself. they don't do braces anymore or breaking of the legs here in canada!!! if it's really bad after 5,they will do orthodics, so i would honestly just bare with it, my daugther is now 3 and it's almost completely through.!!

Kayla - posted on 06/30/2012




my daughter just turned one and she has just 1 bowed leg and it making so that is she is not balanced and she can not stand and steady herself without touching anything to steady her. I think it is going to affect her being able to walk. Going to the doc monday see what they say.


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Christine - posted on 10/13/2009




I don't have experience with the bow legged but my daughter is pigeon toed. She also has the ankles that roll in and our ped said it's no big deal and it won't affect her until she's a teenager but then I was told otherwise and that she should be looked at for corrective arches for her shoes, etc.

But, in reference to the bow legged, I have heard the same as you in that they outgrow it. I would say if you are worried about it, though, take her in and have her looked at for a peace of mind :-)

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