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Melissa - posted on 05/21/2013 ( 12 moms have responded )




My 19 month old won't let me brush her teeth, does anyone have any suggestions???


Liezl - posted on 05/28/2013




My 15 month old doesn't want me to brush his teeth, so we've made a twice-daily family event of it. All three of us are in the bathroom, facing the mirror, and my husband and I both brush our teeth (with facial expressions, etc.) and give my son his toothbrush. He loves imitating us, spitting into the sink and rinsing his toothbrush a few times. Every time he imitates us, we make a huge 'whoop' and clap hands. When we're done, I quickly squiggle the toothbrush over a few of the teeth he missed (he sucks on the toothbrush more than actually brushing at this point). After rinsing we take turns to smell his breath and exclaiming "ooh" and "aah". It's a lot of fun and getting easier every day.

Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 05/27/2013




My daughter fights me when I brush her teeth also. I let her start herself bc she loves doing it on her own. I praise her when she doesn't fight me and make a huge deal . I also try and do it before she's too sleepy which only causes her to be crabbier if she's dead tired. I also try and distract her with a favorite sesame street movie. It's honestly still a struggle a lot of the times , but those things help.

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Take her to the store let her pick out a toothbrush she wants, go ahead and let her pick out tooth paste too. Then as suggested, let her brush along side you. Around this age they love independence. My daughter usually gives me no issue about needing to redo some parts if need be but when I ask her to do this side or that side she will do it.

Crystal - posted on 05/22/2013




We started really young ( 6 mos) and sang a silly song, if she's acting stubborn ill brush my teeth a little ( only if they are clean! And no cavities! Sorry I work in dentistry and don't wanna pass on tooth decay to her ;) usually when she sees me do it she' ll open. She also likes to do it herself and I'll just gently guide her! Hope it gets easier!


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Kris - posted on 05/30/2013




i got a tooth brush that sings. I got one of those sand timers and raced how many teeth they can brush before timer goes out. Also the sticker reward is worth a try. Brush teeth earn a sticker earn 3 stickers brushing morning afternoon and night and at night they get a reward mine was extra book at night or something else.
Good luck dont give up its really important. All else fails i told my kids what happens when u don't brush how they had to give me a shot in my mouth and drill into my tooth and how it hurt. Kids are told just do this maybe explaining why its important to do so and what would happen if you don't. little reward always helps too.

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Teresa Ann, I tried accepting your request but it said page does not exist when I clicked the link

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Make a game out of it you can even use a wet wash cloth anything to disrupt the plaque every 24 hours helps.

Aszura - posted on 05/28/2013




Hi, yeah I think you can make a game out of it, have him brush yours, and then you brush his..

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That's about the age where my daughter did the same. With the kiddie toothpaste, I let her brush her own teeth. We would (and still do) brush together, so she could see me do it and imitate me as best as possible. That's how she learned how to spit out toothpaste! lol So, she brushes the right amount of time, and does pretty well now. After we are done, I ask to check her teeth to make sure she got them all. She opens her mouth and I would say something like "Oh! I see a spot you missed. Lemme tickle that tooth!" and touch up. lol Some days she would fight, but generally we could make it fun and she really enjoyed being independent and doing it herself. She's really good about brushing her teeth now, and although I sometimes need to get the backs for her, she does pretty well and enjoys it!

Trying letting your 19 month old brush their own teeth with you. Obviously you will need to help, but that initial self brush may be a good confidence boost, and you can always make "checking" (aka rebrushing. lol) fun!

Amy - posted on 05/21/2013




I always sing the abc's in some crazy way (usually opera style) at the top of my lungs. My kids think it's hysterical and it distracts them from what I'm doing.

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