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My son is going to be 2 this uupcoming September and still doesnt want to brush his teeth. We introduced the tooth brush to him early on but tried to let him be independant like with most other things. Thing is now he wont brush this teeth, he just bites the tooth brush. And when hubby or myself try to take over he throws a tantrum and refuses. Any advice?


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hello. I work in a dentist and we find that if you give your child a bath of an evening try giving them a hand held mirror to hold when doing his teeth. This way he gets to see what hes doing aswel. Its the unknown that kids dislike and they usually grow out of it. Dont stress to much otherwise he will pick up on it and then it becomes a battle


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Hi there! I had the same problem with my 17 month old son! At first I bought him the battery operated aqua fresh electric toothbrush for kids. I thought since he's is just biting the toothbrush at least the bristles are moving and he likes the vibrating. Plus if we were at the store and he'd start fussing, I just pulled it out and he was happy! I kept it clean in a toothbrush holder. We would also brush our teeth with him and try to help him but he would just bite the toothbrush and play with the Elmo toothpaste tube! Cleaning his teeth properly was not getting accomplished! So many dentist told me that they wont see a child until they are 2 because they wont sit still. I am really big on him having nice teeth and was determined to get someone to at least try to check them out.
Finally I found a dentist who was happy to work with toddlers. She had a room that was full of toys. We stayed in that room instead of putting him in the chair. She and I sat in regular chairs knee to knee while my son laid on our laps. His head was laying in her lap and his legs were one on each side of my waist while I held his hands. Now of course he was freaking out! But that's to be expected when they are being held down. With one hand she pushed his lips back and with the other brushed all his teeth really good and then got this long Q-tip and rubbed flouride on his teeth. She was quick and to the point. It seriously was like 1 minute! Then we got him up, I gave him a hug and she gave him a toy and that was it! He stopped crying and started playing like as if nothing happened! She told me to do that every morning and night! " Ya right!" I joked with her." Only if you come to my house everyday." I work in the morning and my husband works at night, so I'm by myself with him. He's not gonna let me brush his teeth like that!
She told me what I could do was get a timer and set it for 30 sec., sit on the floor with your legs open on the floor in a "v" shape. Have your baby lie on his back and put his arms under each one of your legs so your holding his arms down. So his head is right there between your legs. Then with one hand push his lips back and with the other hand, brush his teeth. She said the timer was so he knows that its time to stop. (like a routine) Then after awhile you can add a little more time to it little by little.
I actually did start doing this. Obviously he hated it. Being "pinned down" is nobody's favorite. But I figured its for his own good and he's not getting hurt. He's eating and drinking, he needs to have his teeth brushed! So like anything else it took some time. I've been doing it for a month now and it's still not his favorite but he doesn't freak out as much as in the beginning. When the timer goes off, I completely stop so he trust me. Now when I say "'s time to brush your teeth, he automatically says "Awwwww" with his mouth open. So its working for us! Hope my long, not to the point story helped! haha

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I had this problem with my daughter too. I started giving her my toothbrush and I let her brush my teeth, then I got to brush her teeth. She got a big kick out of and it was much easier after that. We also have her open wide and say "Awwww" and then brush the back teeth, teeth together and say "EEEEEE" to get the front teeth. A toothbrush he picks out. We also let her brush first and then it's my turn "to make sure all of the food and germs are off of your teeth." You have to make it fun, not something he is forced to do.

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He doesn't want to do it like you? Maybe get a fun toothbrush. Maybe 1 he picks out. Just keep trying!

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