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Stacey - posted on 01/23/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughters are 13 months and 31 months and we want to get them into the same room SOON since we're currently sleeping on a futon in the living room and our youngest is sleeping in our bedroom. Obviously...not an ideal situation. Ha. I would really like to have my bed back.

Anyway, right now we have my oldest in her toddler bed, and there is also a crib in her room, but it would be nice to save some space with bunk beds.

My first question is: HOW did you get your kids to start sharing a room? Are you up ALL night long? Do they wake each other up? Do they/Did they cry? What sort of steps did you take to make this happen?! The 13 month old still wakes up once every night between 4 and 6am and my oldest REALLY likes her sleep (regularly getting 12-14 hours every night).

Second question: When do you think kids are old enough for bunk beds? Obviously MINE aren't ready YET, since my youngest can't climb anything. (She can get off and on the couch and her sister's bed but that's about it...no ladders or anything...she's not a superhero. Ha.)



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