Can I work out while pregnant?

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I am an avid runner and love to work out at the gym too. ANyone know of any restrictions that are real and not just old wives tales. I have an old school family that believes you shouldn't even walk when pregnant. I have had one baby and it was hard to tell which advice was valid.


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Amanda - posted on 02/25/2010




If you work out before you got pregnant you can work out while you are pregnant.

Susannah - posted on 02/25/2010




As long as you were previously working out, it should be fine. Just try not to be too strenuous. Take breaks more often, drink LOTS of water, and listen to your body. I would recommend going and talking to your doctor or looking up exercises that are geared toward pregnant women, just so you have an idea of what's okay and why.

Stephanie - posted on 02/25/2010




I have always heard that it is ok as long as it is limited. There are lots of city programs specializing in prenatal workouts, as well as those offered by gyms. But I would have to say that the very best advice will always come from your doctor. You can never be too careful.

Kristina - posted on 02/25/2010




i was told by my ob that until my belly started to grow out i could continue my running and such but to stay hydrated! enjoy your exercise mama! =)

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