Can moms tell me how to rid off the white from the tongue

Nelly - posted on 11/29/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi, my baby is one year 2 months old. She was ill with chest infection from over 3 weeks. Is better now, only has a running nose. She was taking anti biotics and other cough syrups as prescribed by the doc. Now her tongue has turned so white.. How do you take this off?

Also I would like to know on any suggestions in her meals, breakfast. What can be given to her. She doesnt like bread butter. Shes too fussy in eating...

please suggest


S. - posted on 11/29/2012




She might have thrush take her to the doctors they can give her drops that will clear it up.

how long has she been eating for? There digestive systems aren't mature enough to handle foods till around the 5 months old. She might be a fussy eater because she's not ready.


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Yea I am with everyone too that it sounds like thrush and prob. need a dr visit to get meds to clear it up. Children at this age seem to be picky eaters, I havent met anyone who said they are continually trying to get there kid to eat different foods. Michelle is right let them eat what you eat. Dont give them a different plate because thats what they want to eat. They will eventually eat what you made for the family (they wont starve themselves) and itll get them very used to eating different varieties of food. They will tyr foods alot easier too. Good lucK!

Bethany - posted on 11/30/2012




as a sever sufferer of thrush it sounds like it could be a form of oral thrush ( different from the vagianal one) that can be cleared up with drops or lozengers, as for the fussy food bit if its only since the white tongue it could be he taste buds are off ( it happens to me every time i have a thrush infection at either end) if not its probably just her, my son has cruskits (a light puffed wheat type biscuit) with cream cheese oe even just toast n cream cheese, but he will just eat bread on its own. you could try oatmeal with milk or fruit, but this is coming from a mum that just wants her kid to eat breakfast and has been known to give him icecream, or other such discusting foods out of sheer desperation and not wanting him to go to daycare with no food!

good luck n let us know what the tounge thing turns out to be :)

S. - posted on 11/29/2012




Oooops sorry I only read the 2 months old part lol and missed the one years.

I'm with Michelle on the fussy eating thing, mine gets what is given and i offer nothing else. If I fussed over them I'd be cooking at least 3 different meals every night and both my youngest have refused to eat bread at one point iv always give them it anyway were as my mil will just give them the filling. My 4 year old now eats sandwiches and my youngest (2 years£ will eat bread if I put one square of a sandwich on her plate and offer nothing till she eats it, she's better if she has a filling she can't take out.

Michelle - posted on 11/29/2012




At over a year they should be eating what you are. If you give in to the "fussy" eating they will be fussy eaters.

I have only ever cooked 1 meal and if they don't like it then they don't get anything else. I always make sure it's not too spicy etc. Toddlers will not starve themselves, they will eat when they are hungry. If they know that they will get what they want by not eating WHEN you want them to then that's when they appear to be fussy. They just know how to get what they want. You are the parent and you make the rules, not the children.

I have had 3 and none of them have starved with me not making them something different because they were being "fussy".

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