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Maya Smith - posted on 12/15/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 4 children aged 4,2,1 and I just had another baby two weeks ago. Because they are all so young they crave a lot of attention. I'm struggling to keep them all happy especially my 2 week old daughter since she needs me the most out of all of them. My 1 year old old daughter can't even walk yet. I'm starting to regret having my children so close in age when I can't give them all the attention they need to bond with me.


Ana - posted on 12/25/2013




I have a 3yr old and a 11mth old. I feel the same way sometimes. It's just the way it is.

Others will have to help you. The 4 year old can go to school now. The other 2 toddlers can actually play together most of the day.

This way you have time for your baby, the middle kids 1 and 2 will have eachother and the 4 yr old can interact with kids his/her own age, or if you can afford day care and work outside the home, everyone will be in school of some sort.

That's the best that can happen for now till they are older.

I used to stress just like you, and I finally realized that my kids are just young/ and need lots of attention.

I also joined a mommy group for support in town via

I have a cousin who baby sits every so often. I go to the store alone at night when my hubby is with the kids.

Another friend I have she has 3 kids, 3,2,1 years old. She orders all food from grocery stores that deliver to your car for pick up, and everything else from and and so on..this keeps her out of the stores. Great idea.

I mean, you make the best out of this time. You are not alone..You ensure you have a day off... at least a few hrs.

If you know a neighbor, they can sit at your house with the kids while you go out, etc...

I want to have more kids, so I have to get this mommy thing down somehow.. we all learn from eachother..

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