Car seat for a 34' / 24lbs 21months girl.

Charlotte - posted on 08/12/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi there,
I need your help to choose a car seat that will last for my 21months girl.
We just moved from Europe to the US and because of safety regulations we coudn't take our car seat with us which is really sad to me.
I am willing to keep her in rear facing position as long as i can but she is already 34' and I have trouble to find car seat that fit children above 35'. That's why I am considering buying the Graco Nautilus as it seems to be pretty safe for a forward facing seat and will for sure last her a while... Do you think it's a good option ?
If you have any brand / model or any tips to help me find her the perfect car seat I would very much appreciate.


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Chet - posted on 08/16/2013




Look into the Clek and Radian seats. She should be able to rear face for a long time in either of those. Our 3.5 year old and our 5 year old can still rear face in the Clek seats they have right now. We had Radians when we lived in the US and they are nice seats.

User - posted on 08/15/2013




yeah i would just look at the weight limits i dont thing height is a problem unless u have her rear facing witch she should be front facing now my girl is 19pounds and 28inches tall and only 8month so i know now u feel u dont have to go buy the biigest and expansive one unless ur gonna travel alot

Sarah - posted on 08/13/2013




I have the Graco Nautilus for my daughter. I started using it when she was about 15 months old. I like it. The only down side I have with it is that it is VERY heavy. We do not move it from car to car, so the heaviness is not too much of a bother.....but it is a pain when you do have to move it. Other then that I love the seat. It has just enough room without it being a big/wide carseat. It also has little pockets for them to store their toys, and I love the cup holder. We are always in need of those. It also does grows with the child. This will probably be the last carseat we buy for her as it should last until she is out of needing a carseat/booster seat.

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